Simple, quick and really rather tasty!

Sometimes life is simpler than we think it’s going to be, and surprisingly good.

I circulate the kitchen several times. I feel lazy; uninspired. Open fridge, close fridge, open cupboard, close cupboard, look in bread bin, open second cupboard, close second cupboard, try fridge again, rummage through every drawer in the freezer, revisit bread bin … I suspect many of us have been there.

I become despondent. Am I going to have to cook properly? Worse, still, will I have to (whisper it) go shopping?

But lo, what do I spy?

There on the table: two or three tomatoes, the last left from a bag bought quite a few days ago now. Hmmm – they look ok actually. And smell quite good even.

I have olive oil, I know that.

A light goes on in my head. And then a light literally goes on as I retrace my steps and open the fridge door with purpose – yes that IS a packet of mozzarella! I thought so! It’s a day over its best before date? Definitely needs eating up then.

Back through the kitchen and into the next room: ha, yes, the basil plant that looked on its last legs but I watered anyway yesterday – it’s still alive! And those are a handful of decent leaves as well!

Balsamic vinegar, tick. Himalayan salt and Rainbow pepper (both courtesy of bargain shopping by my mother from the local pound shop!), tick.

And the final piece of my jigsaw: half a tiger bread french stick from yesterday’s lunch.


I know it wouldn’t be for everyone by any means. But for me it was the perfect meal: simple, quick and really rather tasty too!

About Pedalling Solo

I am a potential adopter in the UK, going it alone as they say. Somehow I've worked my way through lots of paperwork, done lots of learning, become an approved adopter, and navigated matching (hopefully). I am very much learning as I go. This blog is my opportunity to share my learning and experiences and maybe some random musings as I go along as well.
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