Testing out the hidden joys of the countryside

It’s been an interesting experience, committing to daily blogging.

Along the way I have faced a number of barriers: time, procrastination, energy, tiredness… Of course these interlink with each other too, especially at about this time of the evening , around 11pm, when really all you want to do is go to bed but you have this one last “duty” hanging over you.

For someone who is as experienced in the ways of insomnia as I am, I’m not so sure actively focusing on stimulating the creative juices – however limited they may be – just as your body is telling you you should be in bed and preferably sleeping is the wisest option available either.

The creative juices need some kind of source to flow from too – and sometimes my spring of ideas has seemed to run very dry. Yes, I know I need an ideas board, or a little notepad I carry around with me, or postits by my bed for noting 3am musings. (Though if the truth be told I’m a rubbish insomniac, far more likely to lie still and follow my thoughts regardless of the twisted path they lead me down, or alternatively to toss and turn seeking cool sheet corners, than I am to get up and make tea and read a chapter of an improving (ie boring and therefore sleep-inducing) tome. Yes I do know about the get up and do something and don’t just lie there insomnia rules: I’m also it seems too lazy to implement them!)

Anyway, back to blogging: in summary the daily blogging has at times been a struggle for all sorts of reasons. I’m pretty pleased though that nonetheless I’ve done it anyway – albeit occasionally by availing myself of the last bus home analogy that after midnight but before sleep comes is still “today”.

Now though, with one day to go, I am struggling.

I have eked out some time. I have faffed and pondered. I have hit – just – upon an idea. I have grappled with the frustrations of drafting on my phone.

Yet still I know I am challenged. For I find myself with but the occasional passing glimpse of phone reception and even more scarce access to 3G.

Thus shall I keep this short. No doubt subsequent events shall tell the tale for me: do I or do I not finally fall at almost the last hurdle? Is this post going to fly while today is still today?

It is time for me to stop typing, to start waving my phone around inanely, to run the gauntlet of hope and madness that connecting with the wider universe still is when tucked away in the deepest and darkest corners of the English countryside.

Maybe we will meet on the other side while it is still today…

About Pedalling Solo

I am a potential adopter in the UK, going it alone as they say. Somehow I've worked my way through lots of paperwork, done lots of learning, become an approved adopter, and navigated matching (hopefully). I am very much learning as I go. This blog is my opportunity to share my learning and experiences and maybe some random musings as I go along as well.
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