Books & chat: what more could we want?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I’ve sparked off an idea about setting up a Twitter bookclub type thing.

The idea is that we hold a bookclub/chat that should be open to anyone who wants to join in – after all, it’s on Twitter! – but with a focus on being a way to share ideas and thoughts for the many of us trying to parent children who may have had difficult early lives, struggled with trauma, are or were once in care etc. We also want to remind ourselves about selfcare and actually do it too! A big ask, I know! While lots of the lovely people who follow me are adopters and therefore it might be dominated by us lot (I’m an adopter too) to me we learn best when we all share our expertise and our challenges. So at least for me – it’s open to all. (Though see below!)

So .. .tomorrow evening (Monday 3rd October) 8-9pm anyone who is interested is welcome to joyfully – or otherwise, we’re not feeling fascists here – join us to while away an hour chatting about chatting. Or reading about reading. Or writing about not reading. Or pondering what we should ponder. Or suggesting what we might suggest. You get the idea. This first gathering won’t actually be about a book – blimey no, that would be way too simple! No we will try and agree what we might do next time instead.

After all why get on and do, when you can procrastinate instead?

I’ve put out a poll to agree a hashtag for the evening, so I can’t tell you what it is yet as I don’t know. But I will remember to look in advance and let everyone know on Twitter. Hopefully. Assuming bedtime in the PedallingSolo house goes according to plan anyway!

So, thoughts so far:

I know no day or time will please everyone. Not a hope. But at least for now the idea is we make it the first week of the the month, we rotate so it’s Monday night this month, Tuesday night in November and so on, and we try 8-9. Because er … well maybe because most with young ones will be hopeful that at some point their small fry will sleep. And if you are one of those with the hyper child who never sleeps til 10.30 at the very earliest anyway – well maybe it’s early enough for you to join too!

We can perhaps alternate parenting books and actual novels. (Yes actual reading of novels. For fun. I know. It’s ok. It can be our secret. We’re only going to be doing it in public on Twitter. No one will know.)

So here’s a plan for our initial set up session tomorrow.

Question 1 – can we agree our parameters?

  • Let’s all use the hashtag once we know what it will be! Is there any obvious or cringe-inducing flaw with the voted-for hashtag that no one seems to have spotted yet?
  • Shall we rotate evenings once a month, and go with 8-9 pm?
  • Shall we get ourselves going with a parenting or other “technical” book in November, and then indulge ourselves with some well-earned SelfCare novel reading in December?

Question 2 – do we need any house rules? If yes what? I suggest…

  • Anyone can join in, no need to have read the book
  • The host comes up with 4 or 5 questions in advance – do we want to pass hosting around?
  • Are we going to blog it up afterwards or share our thoughts before?
  • NB – there’s already been a suggestion we write a summary or share out chapters beforehand. Parenting children who carry trauma is often hard and tiring. We don’t want to make people’s lives harder. Would it help to share out the reading? OR would that actually add to the sense of burden when actually we’d rather aim to read at least some of each book …?
    NB2 – this is supposed to be helpful AND fun. Not another stress!

Question 3 (I think this is where it might begin to become fun!)

  • What parenting/technical/adoption/brain/children books would you like to put forward?
  • Let’s pick one for November and then one for January too?
  • I am happy to host for November but do we want to share hosting around? I don’t mind …

Question 4 (I think this is where it might go beyond fun to silly but hey ho!)

  • What novels might we want to choose? Yep, anything at all goes, so this could be a fun chat just in itself!
  • Let’s pick one for December and one for February …

Question 5, that famous catch all – what else?!

So, see you all tomorrow/today/later/yesterday etc via an as yet unknown hashtag or @PedallingSolo.

And hopefully we’re good to go!

About Pedalling Solo

I am a potential adopter in the UK, going it alone as they say. Somehow I've worked my way through lots of paperwork, done lots of learning, become an approved adopter, and navigated matching (hopefully). I am very much learning as I go. This blog is my opportunity to share my learning and experiences and maybe some random musings as I go along as well.
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