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Books & chat: what more could we want?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I’ve sparked off an idea about setting up a Twitter bookclub type thing. The idea is that we hold a bookclub/chat that should be open to anyone who wants to join in – after … Continue reading

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An Evening Tale

Our tale this evening is but a series of happenings. We walked home from school, which was, he tells me, great. There were lots of smiles. His favourite bit of learning was maths. We remained hand in gentle hand all the way. … Continue reading

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Understanding your productivity & motivation: A self-assessment questionnaire for prospective adopters

One is encouraged, as a prospective adopter, to carry out much research. Understand your relationship/fertility history, revisit your own traumas, talk through your childhood – yep, absolutely. Get lots of experience with children – indeed. Attachment disorders, ASD, developmental trauma – crikey, … Continue reading

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“Every little thing is gonna be alright …”

The last few days have been challenging. I’ve kept on smiling, ridden the roller coaster, going with the flow. There has been some really good stuff going on – but mixed in with some pretty low moments too. Then this evening I finally … Continue reading

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Being a Human Parent

I think this is one of those analyses maybe I should have here to come back to in the future. A good read for probably any parent but perhaps particularly adoptive parents…

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What is ‘Mental Health?’

This struck a chord with me … especially the idea of thinking positively about mental health just as we do physical health (although I’m not sure they can be so easily divided!).

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No longer quite such a poor deprived blog?

The last few weeks have taken me to many places – exciting, interesting, difficult, daunting, happy, challenging, tiring, upsetting, motivating, worrying: you name any emotion and I’ve probably passed through that land at some time during the latest episode of my emotional rollercoaster … Continue reading

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