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The Big Day Arrives: Do help yourself to coffee …

Mum had stayed the night before. We were circling around each other doing bits of sporadic tidying and washing up and other day-to-day chores. I was ok, not too nervous, but a little on edge. Mum was watchful, also edgy, subtly keeping an eye on … Continue reading

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Forever. A word much in my mind at the moment. What will my future look like? Who will I share it with? What should I be doing now to help make sure it is the best possible forever? I am … Continue reading

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Blogger navel-gazing: brevity or stories as they come?

Over the last few days I’ve been pondering about this blog and how I can make it better. You know while pulling the duvet over my head rather than getting up. Or surfing the internet. Or just staring into space. It … Continue reading

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Tales of assessment: all about Stage 2

Having posted about my adoption process last so long ago I had to go back through my own blog to see what I’d written and even so I’m not really sure where to start again. If only I had written this … Continue reading

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No longer quite such a poor deprived blog?

The last few weeks have taken me to many places – exciting, interesting, difficult, daunting, happy, challenging, tiring, upsetting, motivating, worrying: you name any emotion and I’ve probably passed through that land at some time during the latest episode of my emotional rollercoaster … Continue reading

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One Month to Approval Panel: my #30DaysChallenge

One month tomorrow I go to panel – an absence of crises, hold-ups, last-minute problems or sudden worries emerging from my Social Worker or her manager permitting. I know. One month today. As per my last post, sometimes Time is a … Continue reading

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Time: a strange creature indeed

Time is a strange creature. I think we all recognise this, however there are definitely experiences that bring it home to you particularly acutely. Going through the new adoption process is one of those experiences. To recap, the new process involves … Continue reading

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I am happy. It is not a simple happiness. I am also fearful. I doubt. I sometimes get excited. And sometimes I am sad. Often I am thoughtful. I read and I think and I wonder. I talk, endlessly, to … Continue reading

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Very firmly #NotTheSelfieGeneration

Yesterday I blogged on the challenges of matching – unquestionably real, potentially life-changing challenges that have kept me thinking, worrying, hoping, pondering, analysing, digging deep and then deeper. Well today I want to talk about a (hopefully) rather more superficial … Continue reading

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Yet more learning and thinking, and a few words on the tribulations of (theoretical) matching

Hello again … I haven’t posted for ages, and have reached the stage where the buzzing possible posts tumbling around in my head exceed my time to write, my decision-making over what to focus on, or my energy to be creative. … Continue reading

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