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It’s good to be back

I’ve had the last week off work. And we’ve done very little. And tomorrow I go back to work. So how come Sunday evening is when I finally decide to do some sorting out, get papers together, and tidy up … Continue reading

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Welcome to a new world …

Good morning Blogger Universe! Anyone who remembers my previous blogging existence may recall it was characterised by periods of verbal diarrhoea interspersed with eerie silences; outpourings of emotionally charged downloading sitting cheek by jowl with confused ponderings on the slightly bizarre nature of blogging … Continue reading

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Testing out the hidden joys of the countryside

It’s been an interesting experience, committing to daily blogging. Along the way I have faced a number of barriers: time, procrastination, energy, tiredness… Of course these interlink with each other too, especially at about this time of the evening , … Continue reading

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The blank screen is vanquished: #NaBloPoMo day 12

I sit. I stare at a blank screen. No inspiration comes. Possible topics float into my brain: why write; adoption, money and family support; the buying of gadgets; the discipline of daily activity; whether, in reality I am actually growing … Continue reading

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My blog is almost human it waffles so much …

As anyone who follows me on Twitter as well as occasionally catches me on here would know life has been interesting recently. (Yes the kind of “interesting” that comes with free quote marks.) For a range of reasons, it’s so … Continue reading

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Blogger navel-gazing: brevity or stories as they come?

Over the last few days I’ve been pondering about this blog and how I can make it better. You know while pulling the duvet over my head rather than getting up. Or surfing the internet. Or just staring into space. It … Continue reading

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Tales of assessment: all about Stage 2

Having posted about my adoption process last so long ago I had to go back through my own blog to see what I’d written and even so I’m not really sure where to start again. If only I had written this … Continue reading

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