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Looking back: my adoption journey so far through the Pedalling Solo lens

I’ve been officially on my adoption journey for over a year now – not counting the years of thinking about it before I officially picked up the phone for the first time – and I’ve been blogging about it on and … Continue reading

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My own personal theme park ride

I’ve written already of the twists, turns and emotional roller coaster of matching, along with the endless waiting throughout the journey. I am not sure, all the same, that the particular theme park ride I seem to have been thrust … Continue reading

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Linking and Matching Part 2: getting personal

So … yes this is linking and matching part 2! If you’re interested in the basics of what happens during linking and matching – how it works, who does what, where you can go to see which children might meet … Continue reading

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Tales of assessment: all about Stage 2

Having posted about my adoption process last so long ago I had to go back through my own blog to see what I’d written and even so I’m not really sure where to start again. If only I had written this … Continue reading

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