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A Christmas Tale

Our lives are marked by the seasons of our own cultures, and for me – as for many in Britain – Christmas each year has the feel of a milestone, a time when, whether we like it or not, we … Continue reading

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Motherhood and Apple Pie

As I type, hidden away in my bedroom, the rest of my house is dark. In nearly every room different members of my family are sleeping – or preparing for sleep, hiding away, maybe writing their own blogs or life … Continue reading

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For my father

Twenty years ago, this evening, I walked – well half ran – into a room along from the front desk in a hospital. Escorted by staff whose response I will never forget, as soon as I tentatively said his name I was rushed down a corridor and … Continue reading

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We Will Remember Them

When I was a child, Remembrance Sunday was a day of some significance in our lives. We were taught to respect and honour those who had fallen. We knew our father had fought in the second world war too. To … Continue reading

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Sometimes I am reminded it is the little things that make life good. Today the community choir I belong to sang to an exclusive (read small in numbers), enthusiastic (read there because they were family), lovely (read happy to listen to anything as … Continue reading

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