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Motherhood and Apple Pie

As I type, hidden away in my bedroom, the rest of my house is dark. In nearly every room different members of my family are sleeping – or preparing for sleep, hiding away, maybe writing their own blogs or life … Continue reading

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Sometimes I am reminded it is the little things that make life good. Today the community choir I belong to sang to an exclusive (read small in numbers), enthusiastic (read there because they were family), lovely (read happy to listen to anything as … Continue reading

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I have previously written of my Approval Panel – a happy, odd, good occasion, shared with my lovely amazing mother (and my thoughtful and supportive Social Worker too). Spotting, opening and reading the notification from the Agency Decision Maker (ADM) a few days … Continue reading

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The Big Day Arrives: Do help yourself to coffee …

Mum had stayed the night before. We were circling around each other doing bits of sporadic tidying and washing up and other day-to-day chores. I was ok, not too nervous, but a little on edge. Mum was watchful, also edgy, subtly keeping an eye on … Continue reading

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Navigating my first Exchange Day

Getting there “Keep going you reckon?” “I think so, yep … oh here, here” My mother, driving, pulls in to an unfamiliar car park. She pauses and we look around trying to work out what next. “Shall we go a … Continue reading

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Tales of assessment: all about Stage 2

Having posted about my adoption process last so long ago I had to go back through my own blog to see what I’d written and even so I’m not really sure where to start again. If only I had written this … Continue reading

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Very firmly #NotTheSelfieGeneration

Yesterday I blogged on the challenges of matching – unquestionably real, potentially life-changing challenges that have kept me thinking, worrying, hoping, pondering, analysing, digging deep and then deeper. Well today I want to talk about a (hopefully) rather more superficial … Continue reading

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