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An Evening Tale

Our tale this evening is but a series of happenings. We walked home from school, which was, he tells me, great. There were lots of smiles. His favourite bit of learning was maths. We remained hand in gentle hand all the way. … Continue reading

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Understanding your productivity & motivation: A self-assessment questionnaire for prospective adopters

One is encouraged, as a prospective adopter, to carry out much research. Understand your relationship/fertility history, revisit your own traumas, talk through your childhood – yep, absolutely. Get lots of experience with children – indeed. Attachment disorders, ASD, developmental trauma – crikey, … Continue reading

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Thinking about … National Adoption Week

So I’m going to try and blog on National Adoption Week. This might be quite hard as my thoughts are anything but resolved. But I shall try nonetheless. Thank you for bearing with me. From where I’m sitting it’s been pretty … Continue reading

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Welcome to a new world …

Good morning Blogger Universe! Anyone who remembers my previous blogging existence may recall it was characterised by periods of verbal diarrhoea interspersed with eerie silences; outpourings of emotionally charged downloading sitting cheek by jowl with confused ponderings on the slightly bizarre nature of blogging … Continue reading

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Looking back: my adoption journey so far through the Pedalling Solo lens

I’ve been officially on my adoption journey for over a year now – not counting the years of thinking about it before I officially picked up the phone for the first time – and I’ve been blogging about it on and … Continue reading

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I am so very lucky.

Earlier this week an acquaintance who I know locally was at the same meeting as me. A little group of us were stacking chairs and collecting bags and coats afterwards, and a couple asked me – as people are prone … Continue reading

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“Before I Arrive”

I’m a bit of a bookworm. I’ve always been delighted with any excuse at all to buy books! As a result as I’ve gone through the many months of my adoption journey I’ve slowly accumulated quite a few piles of … Continue reading

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