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Looking back: my adoption journey so far through the Pedalling Solo lens

I’ve been officially on my adoption journey for over a year now – not counting the years of thinking about it before I officially picked up the phone for the first time – and I’ve been blogging about it on and … Continue reading

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Honouring their stories: an evening of reading children’s CPRs

Sometimes being a prospective adopter is hard. This evening I have spent a good part of my evening reading CPRs (Child Permanence Reports). These reports detail a child’s history (personal, family, health); the various events, records and interventions that will … Continue reading

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Patience. I know patience is often described as a virtue. I wonder if that is simply because it is so difficult. Situations that are particularly relevant to us always heighten our sensitivity to related sights and sounds. Maybe I’m in a place similar … Continue reading

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In which I ask myself quite why #NaBloPoMo seemed a good idea?

Periodically I set myself targets and challenges. It’s something I’ve done all my life, but in recent times good examples are Janathon (jogging and blogging about it every day in January) and #2013in2013 when I made myself walk, run or … Continue reading

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National Adoption Week: sprinkled with irony

Today is the first day of National Adoption Week. The focus this year is on the need for adopters to come forward who feel willing and able to adopt sibling groups. There’s no question that with 49% of children currently … Continue reading

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My own personal theme park ride

I’ve written already of the twists, turns and emotional roller coaster of matching, along with the endless waiting throughout the journey. I am not sure, all the same, that the particular theme park ride I seem to have been thrust … Continue reading

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Linking and Matching Part 2: getting personal

So … yes this is linking and matching part 2! If you’re interested in the basics of what happens during linking and matching – how it works, who does what, where you can go to see which children might meet … Continue reading

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